What's Included:

24 Weekly LIVE Trainings

Each mini training is focused on an actionable topic that will significantly move the needle of your business forward! Together, our focus ( and actions ) will be on Marketing, Business logistics, business systems, how to follow up from networking to get better results and ROI – and oh so much more! Once a week for 6 months you will be HELD accountable to committing to the growth of your business. No need to “figure it out on your own” when there’s a proven system that YOU can model!

Monthly Group Q& A Calls

Ever feel stuck? Not sure if you should YES to that event? Or how to follow up with a client who hasn’t returned your calls? These group coaching calls are everything you need to get every question you have answered from Kelly AND other concierge who’ve already navigated these issues. These calls will help you smash through hurdles, and problem solve.

26 Weekly Action Assignments

In addition to our weekly live trainings. Every Monday, an email magically appears in your inbox. These assignments keep you accountable, focused AND motivated! It’s like a little Kelly love in your inbox weekly XO.

Private FB Community

Our private FB community forum allows you to STAY CONNECTED! THIS is YOUR TRIBE! Have you been feeling “alone” in your business? The members of our programs no longer have that issue! They’ve found their tribe and get to connect daily in our private facebook community. We’re MORE than a community – we’re family! When you CRY! We cry! When you celebrate – we celebrate. And when you try to hide – we call you out ( lovingly of course ).
Limited Time Bonuses

The Concierge Starter Kit

STOP the confusion about what you need in your sales packet or how to successfully follow up with someone after networking! This Starter Kit has a SWIPE file full of documents and templates that you can use right away in your business! WE show you EXACTLY what we use in our business and WHY you need to fully prepared for those sales conversation, and how to SHOW UP more professionally in your business! This training ALSO includes a VIDEO “How to” so you know EXACTLY how to use all these yummy forms and documents in your own business! 

Insuring Your Business 101 & 102

Did you know that MOST concierge are carrying the WRONG Insurance? In this 2-part video training, I tell you what to be aware of, the mistakes most people make and how to avoid losing Corporate Contracts because you’re “under insured”. Ever work with vendors or as an independent contractor? WE cover allllll that too! Plus provide you with a list of companies that has covered insurance needs for our industry! (I know soooo many people who struggle with this issue – right out of the gate! It’s no fun trying to build a business the “right” way – when no one is willing to insure you because they don’t “get it”.) 
(or 6-Payments of $275 Each)
What Our Members Have To Say:
"The process of starting your own business can be very overwhelming. I am so thankful that I came upon Kellyann's Concierge Academy. Her years of experience in the business and knowing what works and doesn't are invaluable." 
Karen Cusano
Now Errands And More
"Kelly: I want you to know working with you has been phenomenal for me and my business. The value I receive from the content you provide and what you share is incredibly crucial to the growth of my business this past year.”
Rachel Revill
PerfecTiming Concierge

Thank you Kelly for being an inspiration and kicking me in the butt. Since I started with you, I have signed on 13 new clients and grown my team from 2 to 6!!! I am not kidding you! My head is spinning and my chest is tight, but I keep pressing on. Thank you!!”
Ashlee Ferguson
Queen City Concierge
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